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Kristen & Austin

...and their rustic dream Wedding!

How did you two meet?

"We met at work. He had been working there as a police officer for about a year before I was hired as a dispatcher. It took about 8 months for us to muster up the courage to finally talk to each other but so glad we did :) "

How did he propose? 

"We live by the water and are always boating in the summer so while he was at work he had my parents take me out for the day. He then left work early and set up a beautiful scene of candles and rose petals on our beach and invited all of our family and closest friends. As I pulled up to our marina and stepped off the boat I went down the line of all of our favorite people and they each handed me a picture of Austin & I. Once I finally made it to him he was standing on the beach in the rose petals and candles with our dog, who was wearing a tuxedo that said 'will you marry my daddy?' Best proposal ever!"

What advice would you give to another bride?

"I have a few pieces of advice, one major one is to just relax and be calm through this entire process! There is no reason to stress at all, I promise it’s a lot more enjoyable if you don’t stress. Another piece of advice is to get all of your vendors booked early!! I had all of my vendors booked as soon as I had my date and venue picked!"

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

"We can’t narrow it down to just one moment! All of it was absolutely amazing and everything turned out exactly how we wanted it to".

List of All Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Kent Island Resort

Photographer: Katelyn Prince Photography 


Makeup: Esthetics with Nat, LLC

Hair: LB Bridal

Cupcakes: Blue Crab Cupcakes

Flowers: Fantastic Flowers

Rentals: Pretty Little Wedding Co.

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