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Katie & Jordan

...& their beautiful Bayside Wedding!

How did you two meet?

"We met online in the winter of 2018. Jordan was stationed in Germany, but was visiting his brother in Bethesda, MD. I lived just outside of Bethesda. We continued to talk and Facetime for a while. Then, after a few months, I hopped on a plane and went to Germany to visit him. And the rest is history!"

How did he prop​ose?

"I spent the day doing a scavenger hunt in DC with my younger brothers. My sister and I had gotten it as a gift for them for Christmas. I came home and was relaxing on the couch. Jordan went into the other room and came back in with a gift bag and said that my Christmas present had come. I opened it and inside was a little box. He then asked me to marry him. I'm not one for something big and extravagant, so it was perfect. "

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

"I loved all of it!! I don't think I can pick one single moment!"

Tell us about your say yes experience here at Love & Lace!

"I had the best experience at Love and Lace. It was the first, last, and only place I had to go to find my dress! Everyone was so nice, kind, and supportive while I was trying on dresses. No one pressured you to try something on or buy something that wasn't in your budget. They let us all pick out dresses and try on whatever I wanted. Which was perfect because the dress that I had in mind that I wanted, ended up not being what I wanted at all. I tried it on first and quickly eliminated it because of the huge selection of dresses I had to try.  I just fell in love with the dress as soon as I put it on. Well, almost as soon as I put it on. I almost didn't try it on because it was too big and I thought it'd look horrible on me. But I did anyway and once it was tightened, I fell in love with it. Whenever anyone asks for recommendations for where to get a wedding dress from, I always say Love & Lace because of the amazing experience that I had there!"

What advice would you give to another bride?

"During the planning part, think of and plan whatever makes you and your ur significant other happy. It's your day and you can do whatever you want. Don't listen and try to please other people. On the big day, all of the planning is done and it's time to enjoy it all. If something didn't get done, it's ok because no one will notice except you. Don't let something small ruin your whole day. Lastly, I highly recommend doing a welcome/thank you speech with your soon to be husband or wife. You won't feel like you need to spend the whole night going around and thanking every single person that came. You can sit and enjoy your dinner and not have to go over to every table to say hi and thank you."

List of All Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Silver Swan Bayside

Caterer: Silver Swan Bayside

DJ: DJ Mike Lujan

Officiant: Abby from Taylored Vows

Photography: Yael from Once Like a Spark

Videography: Tom from Once Like a Spark

Hair and Makeup: Rosie (did my hair and makeup) and Angie from Swept, LLC

Cake and Desserts: Sweet Eden Bakeshop

Florist: Homestead Weddings & Events

Planner: LF Weddings & Events

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