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Hope & Travis

... and their Rustic Dream Wedding!

How did you two meet?

In 2015 I was bartending at The Greene Turtle in Annapolis. Travis came in one evening with a regular of mine, who is now a very close friend and actually officiated our wedding! We got to talking, and found out we grew up in the same town (South County, MD) and went to the same school. We didn't know each other in school because Travis is 5 years older than me, so we were never in school at the same time. He continued to come visit me at work multiple times a week, and the rest is history!"

How did he propose?

"My father lives in North Carolina and I only see him once a year around the holidays. We went to visit him for Thanksgiving in 2019. After Thanksgiving dinner Travis called me into the room where him and my father were. I turned the corner and there he was down on one knee in front of the Christmas tree (that I was forced to decorate the night prior because everyone knows I love Christmas) with my father filming it! He knows how important my father is to me, so this was extremely thoughtful of him to have him part of such a special moment..."

Tell us about your say yes experience here at Love & Lace!

"It was great! Your team did a great job handing me dresses based on the ones I already tried on and the feedback I'd give on what I liked about the dress and didn't like. I bought my dress the first day I went to start trying them on! The lace and off the shoulder straps is what drew me to the dress. The A line shape was exactly what I wanted and it fit my body style perfectly. There was no question that I found the one!"

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

"Oh gosh that is tough! The dancing and having everyone there enjoying our day with us. The love we felt that day was more than I expected..."

List of All Wedding Vendors:

 Photography: Skye Monroe @skyebphotography_

Makeup: Cheryl Lengemann @cheryl_lynne

Hair: Hannah Schneider @_hannahlschneider_

DJ: Bryan George Music @bryangeorgemusic

Venue: The Manor at Silo Falls @silo_falls

Suits: Annapolis Bridal

What advice would you give to another bride?

"Don't overthink everything and stress yourself out. The day will be beautiful and amazing, and the little things that go wrong won't matter. Only you will notice it, and most of the time you won't!! Also, the day will fly by. So take in every moment you can because it will be over before you know it!"

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