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Courtnie & Dakota

...and their beautiful beach front wedding!

How did you two meet?

"Way back in 2010 we met when a friend of mine and a friend of his had a little teenage fling, she happened to be at my house and he happened to be with said friend and they all came to my neighborhood to hang out for a bit! We all hung out for hours and he and I exchanged numbers but I thought boys were absolutely repulsive at the time so we just stopped conversing for a bit and then in 2012 we reconnected and have been together ever since!"

How did he propose?

"He proposed on Christmas morning! It was my final gift from him disguised in a little pandora bag!"

Tell us about your say yes experience here at Love & Lace! 

"I went to Love and Lace after seeing it was the closest bridal studio with all 5 star reviews near my family! I brought my mom, grandmother, and great grandmother with me! Jo helped me the whole time, it was extremely special to us as my grandfathers name was Joseph and we called him Joe, he passed years ago but he was the one who was supposed to walk me down the aisle so it was the first “sign” in our planning we felt like he was making. We went through a bunch of different styles and ended up with 2 completely opposite dresses. I tried them both on and thought the first option was beautiful but too “plain” for my liking. Jo offered a veil to complete the look I was describing and that’s when I said yes to the dress with a full round of yes’s from my family too!"

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day? 

Dakota-"...the first moment I saw her when I turned around at alter"

Courtnie- "...When Dakota turned around when I got to the top of the aisle and gasped “Oh my god” with tears in his eyes" 

What advice would you give to another bride?

" Enjoy every single piece of planning. Have patience and trust that your vision will come together on the day of because it WILL and it is a beautiful moment that flashes by..."

Wedding Vendors:

Photography- Virginia Lewis Photography

Catering- Bayside bull and my mom!!

Dj and Photo Booth- Iroc Productions

Bagpiper- Jeffrey Herbert Music

Cake and all baked goods- Aunt Jempers Cakes

Make up- Artistry by Gia @ MAC in Ulta Lash artist- Brittany Cintron @ eyemeanbusiness

Venue ceremony and reception- Mayo Beach Park 

© 2023 Love & Lace Bridal Boutique


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