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Consignment Tips

Posted on July 6, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Consignment tips:

When interested in consigning a bridal gown at Love & Lace (or anywhere else) here's a few to do's and dont's.

Do: email us a photo of the dress along with the designer, style number, color, size and any info on major alterations - like taking it in from a 20 to a 10. Having all this info will help greatly in figuring out a consignment price that will work for both parties.


Don't: send an email simply saying "Hey, I have a dress I want to consign." We will follow up with an email asking you to visit our website and click the consignment tab for more information.

Do: have it cleaned before consigning. Put yourself in the new brides shoes - she's hoping to find a great deal on a next to new gown and will probably still end up spending about $600-$800 on a once worn gown. Granted she's saving several hundred for purchasing once worn - but would you buy a gown for $800 and it still had makeup, cake, mud or grass stains? I WOULDN'T! So, in order to find a sale we need to have the dresses in great condition, which means - yes they do have to be cleaned before consignment.

Don't: just show up with a gown uncleaned or in a preservation box and expect us to stop our appointment and take 15 minutes to unbox your gown or assume that we will just run that cleaning errand for you. If we know that the consignor doesn't have time to have the gown cleaned themselves ahead of time, we can let you know if we are able to find the time to take it to the cleaners, but like any business that runs an errand for a customer - we will apply a fee for the service.

Do: have an idea of what you're hoping to receive for your portion of the sale. Having this info will help us give you an accurate consignment price that hopefully works for you and the shop. Most of the time we are able to price it so that the consignor receives what they are hoping for. But if the consignor is hoping for more then we can consign it for, we will let them know what we think a good price so that the consignor has a higher chance of selling quick.

Don't: expect to have it priced at full retail. Brides shopping consignment will never pay full retail for a dress that hasn't been ordered brand new and specifically for them and we will not sell a gown at a "new retail" price when its on consignment. We definitely understand wanting to get as much as possible back of your investment and we will usually provide some info to sites that may work better for you than consignment. Everyone wants to regain as much as they can, and we understand that! So if consignment isn't the best option or we can not tag it at the price that's best for both parties - we will be honest about that and provide other options for the consignor.

Do: read our website regarding consignment. The site is quite detailed about the consignment process. Done on purpose so that everyone can have the info right at their fingertips. Between the consignment and FAQ tab, all the questions should be answered.

Don't: assume that the consignment terms are negotiable. The percentage is the same for all of our customers and it must stay that way to keep consistency and fairness. If we make an exception for one person, why not do it for everyone?

Do: consign gowns that are on trend and profitable! It's in everyone's best interest to offer gowns that will sell and will sell for a nice but fair price.

Don't: walk in with a dress and hand it over saying "here, I don't care if you sell it for $5." Wellllllllllll....we kinda care how much it sells for! All businesses need to ensure that the bills are paid and that their employees checks clear. And if we are selling gowns at $5 (obviously that's not a realistic number, but just for arguments sake) and we have to split it 50/50 then the shop retains $2.50 which doesn't cover any operations cost --like at all. Matter of fact, that would put us in the hole about $100 because we have to pay the consultants their hourly wage to make the sale, lights for the day, stamps and postage to send the consignor that check for $2.50 -- well you get it! So, although we appreciate all dresses that are offered for consignment we need to make sure that the dresses placed on consignment find profitable for both parties.


Finally, Don't: Argue with the staff about the consignment process, percentage or time frame. The process has been set up a certain way for a reason, it has gone through a few changes in order to get to a place that works best for the shop and its customers, both consignors and new brides. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and having a simple consignment process - you have a gown, we have the shop and the staff to sell it. All we ask for is that's its in good shape, priced fair, on trend and clean.

Hope this was a good read for you!


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