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We are moving!!!

Posted on July 30, 2018 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey everyone, 

To those who read the blog - we just wanted to post a note letting people know that we are moving locations, some time around October 1st (ish.) We will still be in Edgewater, within walking distance of our current location. Our new address will be 135 Mitchells Chance Rd. Edgewater, MD. Its in the same Main Street shopping center as Cakes by Rachel, The All American Steakhouse and Fuji Resturant. We will be expanding from a 960 square foot cottage with one dressing room to a 2400 square foot space with three dressing rooms. 

We are very excited for this new chapter and there will be MANY changes that will come along with a larger space and more brides/guest in the shop. I sure will miss my cottage though! But it has served it's purpose over the last 3 years and as Love & Lace has continued to grow we desperatly need more space! The idea of a private bridal experience will be the same - I've been working hard with designers and architects to ensure that we've come up with the best possiable layout so that each bride still feels like the only bride in the shop. We have a great reputation with this business model and look forward to helping more brides find their perfect dress, all while having a private special experiece and keeping to her budget. 

Like noted before, there will be some changes but that just comes with the territory. Im excited for the new endevor (a little terrified) but mostly excited. 

So here goes nothing ---- Thanks for reading. 


Wedding Wednesday Feature From Abidoodle Productions

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Thanks so much to Abigail from Abidoodle Productions for picking us for her first wedding wednesday blog of 2018. If your'e interested in reading, please visit the link below.

Consignment Tips

Posted on July 6, 2017 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Consignment tips:

When interested in consigning a bridal gown at Love & Lace (or anywhere else) here's a few to do's and dont's.

Do: email us a photo of the dress along with the designer, style number, color, size and any info on major alterations - like taking it in from a 20 to a 10. Having all this info will help greatly in figuring out a consignment price that will work for both parties.


Don't: send an email simply saying "Hey, I have a dress I want to consign." We will follow up with an email asking you to visit our website and click the consignment tab for more information.

Do: have it cleaned before consigning. Put yourself in the new brides shoes - she's hoping to find a great deal on a next to new gown and will probably still end up spending about $600-$800 on a once worn gown. Granted she's saving several hundred for purchasing once worn - but would you buy a gown for $800 and it still had makeup, cake, mud or grass stains? I WOULDN'T! So, in order to find a sale we need to have the dresses in great condition, which means - yes they do have to be cleaned before consignment.

Don't: just show up with a gown uncleaned or in a preservation box and expect us to stop our appointment and take 15 minutes to unbox your gown or assume that we will just run that cleaning errand for you. If we know that the consignor doesn't have time to have the gown cleaned themselves ahead of time, we can let you know if we are able to find the time to take it to the cleaners, but like any business that runs an errand for a customer - we will apply a fee for the service.

Do: have an idea of what you're hoping to receive for your portion of the sale. Having this info will help us give you an accurate consignment price that hopefully works for you and the shop. Most of the time we are able to price it so that the consignor receives what they are hoping for. But if the consignor is hoping for more then we can consign it for, we will let them know what we think a good price so that the consignor has a higher chance of selling quick.

Don't: expect to have it priced at full retail. Brides shopping consignment will never pay full retail for a dress that hasn't been ordered brand new and specifically for them and we will not sell a gown at a "new retail" price when its on consignment. We definitely understand wanting to get as much as possible back of your investment and we will usually provide some info to sites that may work better for you than consignment. Everyone wants to regain as much as they can, and we understand that! So if consignment isn't the best option or we can not tag it at the price that's best for both parties - we will be honest about that and provide other options for the consignor.

Do: read our website regarding consignment. The site is quite detailed about the consignment process. Done on purpose so that everyone can have the info right at their fingertips. Between the consignment and FAQ tab, all the questions should be answered.

Don't: assume that the consignment terms are negotiable. The percentage is the same for all of our customers and it must stay that way to keep consistency and fairness. If we make an exception for one person, why not do it for everyone?

Do: consign gowns that are on trend and profitable! It's in everyone's best interest to offer gowns that will sell and will sell for a nice but fair price.

Don't: walk in with a dress and hand it over saying "here, I don't care if you sell it for $5." Wellllllllllll....we kinda care how much it sells for! All businesses need to ensure that the bills are paid and that their employees checks clear. And if we are selling gowns at $5 (obviously that's not a realistic number, but just for arguments sake) and we have to split it 50/50 then the shop retains $2.50 which doesn't cover any operations cost --like at all. Matter of fact, that would put us in the hole about $100 because we have to pay the consultants their hourly wage to make the sale, lights for the day, stamps and postage to send the consignor that check for $2.50 -- well you get it! So, although we appreciate all dresses that are offered for consignment we need to make sure that the dresses placed on consignment find profitable for both parties.


Finally, Don't: Argue with the staff about the consignment process, percentage or time frame. The process has been set up a certain way for a reason, it has gone through a few changes in order to get to a place that works best for the shop and its customers, both consignors and new brides. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and having a simple consignment process - you have a gown, we have the shop and the staff to sell it. All we ask for is that's its in good shape, priced fair, on trend and clean.

Hope this was a good read for you!


What do you mean you're not accepting David's Bridal gowns for consignment?

Posted on December 5, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Every once in a while I check in on the wedding consignment/swap pages on Facebook to see what my shop is tagged in - 99.95% are all recommendations which is fantastic!! Thank you to my brides, vendor friends and anyone else who recommends Love & Lace on those pages. Every once in a while I see the shop mentioned in a thread that I kinda shake my head at. The #1 is "They don't take David's dresses anymore" which is usually followed by "Why won't they?" There a several reasons why we are no longer accepting gowns from David's on consignment. 1 - They do not retain their value. What's on their website today for $899 can be $499 or $99 the next day. It is A LOT of work to keep up with pricing from David's. And if we consign a gown from David's at $800 because its $1000 today - then I check the site in a month and that $1000 dress is now on sale for $499. I can not sell it used for more than its worth brand new. Then I have to contact the consignor and let them know the price has dropped. Therefore, our price needs to be reevaluated (loosing the shop and the consignor profit)- the last thing I want is to sell my bride a David's dress for double it's new retail when I have a once worn version. It's bad business. 2. We are now advertising ourselves as a "designer consignment boutique." David's bridal are not designer gowns. They are manufactured. There's a huge difference in quality and production of a Maggie Sottero vs a David's bridal gown. 3. They don't sell as quick as our designer inventory. Meaning they usually take up valuable space in the shop where another gown could be that could make the shop money as well as the brides who decide to consign with us. 4. David's is the #1 competition of small bridal boutiques. It's like Pepsi selling Coke products. When the shop first launched it was so amazing that we had so many brides willing to consign their gowns, even David's ones! And I sure do appreciate every single David's gown that has come and gone through my doors. But the reality is - now that the shop is a little more established, I can begin to refine the business plan. And part of that plan is to not offer the completion. No matter how nice or new the gown is, and David's has some really great dresses these days! So it's hard to say no thank you to all the potential consigments. 5. The market for David's bridal gowns are over saturated. I can pull up any dress from David's and find at least 10 of them on for significantly less than what I can sell it for while paying the lights bill and my employees. For every ONE Justin Alexander #6715 dress that's sold there are 500 David's style #WG2637 sold. They are so common because David's sells in such volume and I can not compete with what they are selling for online. There are several other reason why I made this decision but I think this is enough for everyone wondering why. I hope this answer any questions - as a business woman I need to protect and nurture my business. This is just another step in Love & Lace's growth - if you have a great gown from David's there are plenty of other options for you to get some of your investment back and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. Cindy

Important information about "off the rack" bridals.

Posted on June 13, 2016 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (6)

What's important to know when buying a bridal gown "off the rack."

When it comes to my boutique, the majority of my brides purchase their gown off the rack. Here's a few tips and FYI's for anyone who decides to shop consignment or off the rack.

1. Samples dresses are rarely perfect. They may not have had a bride but they have had a shop life. Be prepared for minor imperfections. Things like loose beads, random strings, faint marks inside and out side of the dress due to makeup, scuff marks from being stepped on or dragging on the floor. These very reasons are why the $1800 Maggie Sottero selling at “regular” bridal shops is now priced below $1000. Most of the imperfections can be fixed during alterations and there for they shouldn't be a deal breaker for the bride.

2. Dresses (veils, shoes and headpieces) that have had brides once before have definitely seen better days. Usually the hems and trains have dirt, grass stains or foot prints. Sometimes you'll find that the seams have been let out or taken in, makeup stains and minor rips (especially in organza or tulle) and for all these reasons is why the Maggie Sottero that usually retails for $1800 new and will sell as a sample for $1000 is now selling for $600. Again, most of the imperfections can be taken care of at the time of alterations if they haven't been done before hitting the racks. We are quite picky about the gowns we place on consignment but from time to time we accept a gown that needs a little bit of TLC - again, all of this should not be a deal breaker for the new bride.

3. Sizing: Ladies it's important to purchase a gown that fairly close to your bridal size. Sometimes a seamstress will alter a gown that was not purchased at our boutique and has to bring it in SEVERAL sizes. This can be costly for the bride and require more then the usual amount of alterations appointments. Which can take away from more time from work or other activities because now you have to visit us for alterations 4, 5 or 6 times. If the gown is more than 2 or 3 sizes larger than your bridal size take caution in the purchase and talk to a seamstress before pulling the trigger. If you have to take I'm a dress 4+ sizes it can and probably will alter the entire look of the dress. From the bust down to the hem may need to be reconstructed. All of this info is completely dependent on the gown a simple chiffon bridal with no beading or lace is easier to alter than a bridal gown that is fully beaded and has lace.

4.Alterations: Whether you purchase a gown off the rack or order a brand new dress directly from the manufacture 95% of brides still need alterations. You can expect a minimum of 3 bridal alterations appointments for a gown that is your size or close to it. You will have your initial appointment when the seamstress will measure and pin your dress for sizing. At your second appointment you will try on to see if it fits perfect or needs a little more work (most do.) The third appointment is USUALLY when the bride can take home her gown! Again, if it's a dress that's being taken in several sizes or needs any custom work like adding sleeves, belts, zipper to corsets etc; it can require a fourth appointment. So please keep this in mind when shopping. You are not OK with driving long distance 3-4 times to get your dress altered you may want to shop close to home.

I hope some of this information is helpful to you!


Welcome to my blog!

Posted on January 7, 2016 at 7:30 PM


Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for looking at my blog. I've never blogged before and I'm not totally convinced that anyone will read a blog about owning and operating a bridal consignment boutique. So this may end up being mostly therapeutic! 


First let me tell you a little about myself! My name is Cindy Wells, I'm 31 years old and born and raised in Maryland. I'm married to the most handy and handsome fella in the world, Moses and together we live on a boat, have 3 cats and both participate in a local rock band where I sing over shredding guitars and thunderous drums (didn't see that one coming did you.) If you have met me in person one of the first things you will notice is the tattoos! Yup, I'm covered in ink - it's a passion and something that I enjoy very much. Tattoos, to me, are art - my skin is a canvas and I'm all to excited to plaster my precious skin with art work from some pretty amazing friends in the industry. I also own the Miss Tattooed Baltimore Pageant - The last 2 years the city of Baltimore embraced this fun little venture and with the help and support of the fantastic arts and tattoo community Baltimore has, we crowned several ladies who took home fantastic crowns and prizes. This year, I don't believe the pageant will happen. Sadly and fortunately I'm far to busy with the boutique! I've also been a Nanny for the last 9 years and somehow I managed to attend the Baltimore School of Reflexology - One could say I'm a bit of an overachiever!

So at this point you may be asking, "How is this lady qualified to own a bridal boutique?" Good question - now the answer! My first bridal job was when I was 16 years old. After school and on the weekends I worked part time at Cameo Bridal in Glen Burnie. At the time it was just a job, something for a bored 16 year old to do. But once you're in the business it's hard to get out! Over the next several years I found myself at a bunch of little bridal shops from Glen Burnie to Parkville...All except Cameo are now out of business. I spent so many years helping brides, bridesmaids, grooms and groomsmen find and fit the perfect attire for their special day. But eventually a time came where I was no longer happy working for someone else. I had all the responsibility of a manager/owner but none of the authority or pay! Even though I was young, at the time I felt like I could run the business better then they could. So, eventually I left bridals to begin working in child care. I went on to receive my certificate in child care and child development and spent the next 9 years raising some pretty awesome kids! I was with my first family for 4 years and I'm still with my current family, this year will mark my 5th year with them! The reason why my shop is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays is because I'm busy drawling, playing and watching Nick jr with the kiddos, then I have band practice (most the time.) A part of me always knew I would be back in bridals, but when I did come back it would be on my own terms!

About 3 years ago I started writing up my business plan to open the most luxurious bridal boutique Maryland has ever seen....Did I mention I'm an overachiever?? BUT the funds were not there to do so - so I had to scale it back a bit. My wheels got turning and I was hell bent on figuring out a way to open my own bridal shop with out having to risk mine and my husbands well being to do so. Like most people, I didnt have a lot of capitol to do so. I asked myself - "How can I open a bridal boutique and not have to take out a traditional loan???" CONSIGNMENT!!! Consignment will get my foot back in the bridal industry as an owner with lower over head than a traditional bridal shop. Far from my business plan but sometimes the universe leads us in directions we had yet to consider - BOOM!!! Love & Lace Bridal Consignment and Boutique was born!! And it was much easier to launch than a traditional bridal shop.  I haven't received any traditional loans or any loans from family or friends - there hasn't be any "Go Fund Me's" or Kickstarters to propel this boutique. Proudly I say to you that this has been all out of pocket since day one!!! It was RISKY to say the least - But here I am almost 8 months later and already on my 2nd larger location, Wedding Wire rated and a 5 star boutique! See folks, risk is sometimes worth the reward!

Although my shop is a little different from my business plan, the way I wanted it to be run is dead on! I'm well aware of the competition of other bridal shops, especially the "big box" chains. But I knew that the experience I wanted to give to my brides would set me apart from all the rest and I believe I've accomplished that so far. Sure, one day there will be a bride, bridesmaid, mother or friend who just plain ol' didn't like my shop or me, I will swallow that pill when/if the time comes. But I always go into every appointment aware of what the bride wants (I was a bride recently myself!) - sure she wants a great gown, but how about a great experience, a confidant consultant, someone who listens to what she wants and what she doesn't want, someone who will respect her budget and not make her feel small or unimportant because she either doesn't have thousands to spend on a bridal or simply doesn't want to spend thousands on a bridal. An environment that is warm and welcoming and when all else fails A SMILE - yes a smile. I know, I'm crazy but being at my boutique make me HAPPY! It's my favorite place to be (besides next to my husband :) I surely wouldn't have opened a very time consuming, energy sucking, late nights on the phone bridal boutique if I didn't really want to do it! There is so much that I love about my shop, but I'll leave that for another blog!

For now I will end this one on a thank you!! Thank you to all my brides who have trusted me to help the find their dream dress. Brides who took a chance on a tiny little shop in the heart of downtown Annapolis, in the back of a building, in a room hardly big enough to be called a bedroom. Thank you for giving me that opportunity to help you - and for allowing my business to grow. To all the brides and friends who took just a few moments of their time to write a 5 star review. Those have helped my boutique more than I could ever express. 

To my future brides - please know that I will be here to help you the same way I've helped by brides who have already purchased their gowns. You deserve the experience of a lifetime and I will go above and beyond to provide that for you and your loved ones. It's what I wanted from my bridal shopping experience and I wouldn't have it any other way for my brides!


Love & Lace Bridal Consignment and Boutique