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Consigning your gown with Love & Lace Bridal Boutique

If you have a bridal gown that you are interested in consigning these are a few of our guidelines:

-We do not accept dresses from JJhouse, DHgate or any other online site. We do not offer consignment to David's Bridal gowns. This includes any line sold by David's such as: Oleg Cassini, White by Vera Wang and Galina. (For more information regarding why we are no longer accepting David's gowns, please visit our blog.)

-Only "newer" bridal gowns - less 3 years old is preferred. Veils and some accessories like headpieces and belts will be considered for consignment. At this time we ARE NOT accepting crinoline skirts, bras or shoes on consignment.

-Items should be cleaned after use and out of the preservation box - We DO NOT accept gowns still in preservation boxes. Please take the gown/veil out of the box and check for yellowing due to age.

-Please attach either photographs of your item(s) or the designer and style number when contacting us regarding consignment. You can send that info to our e-mail address : [email protected]

Having the manufacturer and/or style number of the gown makes it easier to give a realistic and fair consignment price. 

-No major imperfections such as large stains, large rips or broken zippers - small imperfections such as a slightly soiled hem can be fixed, but a fee will be added to clean your item. Your garment(s) will be inspected upon arrival, should we find any imperfections that could prohibit a sale we will have to decline the consignment.

-Consignments are scheduled by appointment only. We rarely accept consignments as walk in's. It's encouraged that you send photos of your gown via e-mail and first see if it's an item we can place at our boutique for you BEFORE making the trip to the shop.

Our Consignment Contract: Please note we have updated our consignment details. Effective immediately the consignment split is 60/40.

"Gowns should be cleaned before placing it on consignment. We will not accept any gown that has not been cleaned before placing it on consignment. Love & Lace and the consignor split the sale of the item(s) 60/40. When the item sells, the consignor will be notified promptly and will receive a check within 14 days of the sale for forty percent (40%) of the selling price while the shop retains sixty percent (60%.) The consignment contract is for 4 months. If the consignor takes their item(s) off consignment before the 4 month contract is up, there will be a $50 storage fee, (per item) that must be paid before the goods are taken from Love & Lace Bridal Consignment and Boutique. If the item(s) does not sell before the consignment contract is up, Love & Lace and the consignor will discuss whether or not to keep the goods in the boutique. If Love & Lace decides not to keep an item on consignment after the 4 month contracted period, the consignor has 14 days to pick up their items. If the item remains at Love & Lace after the 14 day pick up period it will become the property of Love & Lace Bridal Consignment and Boutique. If a customer comes in and falls in love with your item, but not the original consignment price discussed, and offers another amount, Love & Lace will always call/text the consignor to see if the offered "new" sale price is acceptable. No item will be sold for less than originally agreed upon, unless approved by the consignor first. Finally, the consignor acknowledges that their item will be placed on consignment and tried on regularly by potential new brides. This may result in “sample wear.” However, we do our best to keep items in great condition but can not guarantee that your items will be in same condition as when it was consigned."


It is our goal to keep ALL of our customers happy! Both, new brides and consignment customers! We pride ourselves with being easy to work with. If you have any questions, comments or concerns we encourage you to e-mail  us. We will be happy to get back with you as soon as possible to discuss any areas of concern. 


To begin your consignment please click the "Contact" tab and send us an email!


Please note: the items on consignment will be tried on in the boutique. While we will do our best to keep all items in the received condition, Love & Lace assumes no liability for damage to items. Love & Lace Bridal Consignment and Boutique is not responsible for acts of nature such as; floods, hurricanes, fires or theft. We do not negotiate on the consignment percentage.